16. Jul. 2020.

Our July newsletter - find out what's new!

Changes to our General Terms and Conditions

Please note that our General Terms and Conditions have been amended. The most important change is that the location of our servers has changed. Our infrastructure was previously stored in the server room of Magyar Telecom Nyrt, from where we moved to the server room of DENINET Kft (Budapest XIII. Victor Hugo u. 18-22.). The new GTC can be found here:

We have become service provider independent!

In recent years, we have experienced several network service outages, so this spring we went carrier-independent. We now connect to the internet from three directions, duplicating all our systems - routers, switches, power. We have also become a BIX member, our servers are directly connected to the domestic backbone network, so the websites are at the shortest possible network distance to domestic internet users. We have also significantly increased the bandwidth of our servers abroad, with a total bandwidth of 50 Gbit available for fast website serving both abroad and in the highlands.

We guarantee: NO CPANEL!

We now from our customers arriving from CPANEL environment, that they experience performance and security problems that have to be overcome on over-complicated, resource-wasting CPANEL systems. CPANEL does not require any expertise on the part of the service provider, and its use is therefore growing among service providers. We receive questions about this on a daily basis, especially from customers who are switching from it: we are not planning to switch to it, are we?!

Our response: Our engineers have been webhosting for more than 20 years. Our main asset is the high level of expertise of our colleagues, which allows us to operate a more secure and faster web hosting environment than "legacy" systems. We would not be able to provide this added value with CPANEL, so we guarantee that our company will not switch to cpanel or any other factory system. We always want to be at a higher level than these. We are fully committed to continuing the development of our own product, "Web Hosting Settings", a more transparent, secure and faster system than these template products.

Our most important Web Hosting Settings developments this year

June 2020 - SSH service for hosting
With the SSH Console, you will see a full-fledged Debian operating system interface running as a user, which you can manage with linux commands. The SSH console can be accessed by logging in to the client gateway. SSH makes it very quick and easy for anyone who knows how to use it to perform file operations, database operations, run development tools, and more on the repository.

June 2020 - Redesigned, simpler web subdomain / SSL setup interface
We have revamped the web subdomain setup interface of the client portal, where you can add a new subdomain to your hosting in a clear and intuitive way. What's new is that you can now SSL authenticate both subdomains and accented domains.

June 2020 - 256 MB memory configurable in PHP.ini, enhanced OPCACHE
The PHP memory limit has been extended to meet the needs of content managers. At the same time, we've also redesigned the OP Cache policy for PHP acceleration, our Opcache PRO service now includes 128 Mb of memory per process, and the basic OpCache service has the file cache extension. With this setting, we have measured that Wordpress sites running PHP 7.x can speed up to twice as fast!

May 2020 - New virtual server tariff plans and infrastructure
We have installed our new VPS system. We provide Proxmox-based virtualisation, with dedicated IP, direct BIX connection, multiple backups per day, at unbeatable prices.
More info:

April 2020 - SCP, SFTP connectivity
Hosting is available with SCP and FTPS clients. The ports and data required for configuration can be viewed on the Web Hosting Settings.

April 2020 - new PHP version, new PHP settings available
Version 7.4 of PHP is available, offering up to 300% speedup over PHP 5.6 and up to 40% over PHP 7.

March 2020 - We rebuilt our entire system and network
We have set up an independent redundant internet network, with high bandwidth optical internet connections from 3 providers, totalling 50 Gbit bandwidth. In addition to the redundant internet connection, we have also built a redundant electricity network.

February 2020 - all our servers became SSD-based
All our servers have been rebuilt to be purely SSD based. At the same time, we converted the previously MyISAM-based MySQL databases to InnoDB, further improving the speed of the websites on our servers.