Detailed description of our services

The team of MediaCenter Hungary Kft. is a community of quality-oriented professionals. Our aim is to support your business processes efficiently with our carefully managed, continuously improved services.

Below you can find the details of our services. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

Customer Service
- 0-24 technical error report
- Email and phone support, on multiple phone lines simultaneously
- Fulfill orders within 1 working day or less (within a 3-5 hour average)
- Technical and administrative opening hours every working day
- Regularly trained, permanent customer service staff
- Expert-level hosting and domain support
- Online customer service for our customers to manage their own services

General features of our hosting services:
The servers of MediaCenter are located at 18-22 Victor Hugo u., Budapest ("BIX headquarters"). We use provider-independent redundant network infrastructure, and we own IP address ranges.

- 40 Gbit aggregate bandwidth
- Redundant internet connection
- Own IP address ranges, member of RIPE
- Member of BIX, direct BIX connection
- Quality (DELL) servers
- Redundant power grid
- Average uptime over 99,8%
- 0-24h network monitoring
- 0-24h system administrator supervision

Features of our web hosting service
- We provide hosting for average and resource-intensive websites !
- Website placement in mirrored repositories
- Set password-protected directories
- Custom error pages
- Web server traffic log can be downloaded
- Secured storage, separated by your own username
- Unlimited data traffic per host
- MySQL 5.7+ usage (MariaDB)
- PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 7.0, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 version available
- Unrestricted .htaccess usage
- Register_globals turnoff possible
- Custom php.ini installation available
- Web statistics
- Crontab usage
- Unlimited ftp access
- Any web framework can run on the hosting without any restrictions!

Features of our email service
- Unlimited mailbox size from 1 GB
- POP3, IMAP, POP3-SSL, IMAP-SSL available
- Individual and group alias email address optional
- Auto reply option
- Enterprise-level spam filtering (
- Highly effective virus filtering (
- Custom spam filtering options
- Mailbox creation and modification available from Web Hosting Settings
- Webmail interface (

Domain service:
- Unique team of experts to make your domain business run smoothly
- COM/NET/ORG/INFO/BIZ/EU/HU domain registration, transfer, renew (with .hu and .eu accreditation)
- Redundant name servers on different networks
- Website availability and correspondence on your own domain, without restrictions
- Web-based DNS admin interface

Our security and surveillance systems:
- All our services run on hardware RAID-based mirrored backups
- Daily backups stored for 28 days
- Geographically isolated remote data backup server from the scope of services, from which we can provide data backup in case of disaster (fire, earthquake)
- Our enterprise-class server monitoring system automatically troubleshoots the majority of outages
- 0-24h on-call administrator monitoring on all our servers
- On-call administrator notified by SMS of any malfunction within 3 minutes
- Two types of "FTP Gateway" protection to ward off virus attacks

Automated operation:
You can use the system ID to log in to the Web Hosting Settings.

On Web Hosting Settings you can find the following information:
available host storage, used quota, services switched on, domains pointing to hosting, hosted virtual web servers, number of e-mail addresses used.

The Web Hosting Settings provides access to the following administration software:
- View system data
- Password change
- Log
- Webstatistic
- Webserver log
- FTP IP restrictions
- Download data backup
- Subdomain setup
- DNS modification
- Crontab settings
- PHP version settings
- Directory settings
- Mysql settings
- Mysql password change
- Virtual FTP admin
- PhpMyAdmin available
- Unique error pages
- Password-protected directories
- FTP quick login
- Postmaster functions (create new mailboxes, modify settings) - Spamfilter settings

Online Customer Portal
You can administer your services through our Customer Portal at any time of the day. Customers with hosting services can conveniently access our Customer Portal by logging in to the Web Hosting Settings, while customers without a hosting can request separate access on our website.

You can use the Customer Portal to manage your:
- Customer information
- Update your contact email address
- Buy new services
- Renew or delete active services
- Download proformas, invoices
- Trade your services
- Upgrade hosting plan
- Redirect domain names (modify nameserver or DNS settings)

You can send a message from Customer Portal to our Customer Service, if you have question or need further help.