01. May. 2023.

Phishing attack has occurred

Today, unknown individuals sent out phishing emails on behalf of our company, using email addresses gathered from websites, mainly with and sender addresses.

The subject of the phishing email is "Domain renewal" or "We have deactivated your domain name."

The link provided in the email leads to a fake OTP Simplepay page, where if you enter your bank card details, they will be stolen. Please do not enter your bank card details, or if you have already done so, immediately report it to your bank.

The phishing email is notably poorly written in Hungarian, and in many cases was sent to contact email addresses that were not provided by our company. Additionally, the sender address is not our company's official email address ( Please be suspicious of any such emails!

Our company NEVER sends direct Simplepay links in any of our emails, including payment requests. In every payment request email sent by us, we refer to our payment initiation page located under the website, not to the OTP Simplepay page!