16 Jul. 2020.

Our July newsletter - find out what's new!

In our newsletter, we summarise our developments in the first half of this year. Find out about the most important changes to our service!

25 Jun. 2020.

As of today, hosting is also available with SSH!

As of today, our customers' long-standing wish has been granted: hosting can now be accessed via SSH! With the SSH Console, you see a full-fledged Debian operating system interface running as a user, which you can manage with linux commands. The SSH Console can be accessed by logging in to the client portal.

22 Jun. 2020.

General Terms and Conditions change

Please note that our General Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Effective date: 01.07.2020. The new version can be viewed here.

09 Jun. 2020.

Our company became a BIX member

We are pleased to announce that our company has become a BIX member and our network is directly connected to the Hungarian backbone network. This has brought us physically closer to all internet service providers and has further improved the speed at which websites load. Our company's network is now accessible from 3 independent directions with a total of 50 Gb of bandwidth.

27 Apr. 2020.

New SSD web hosting plans

Following the renewal of our systems and network, from today we have introduced large 10 / 20 / 30 and 50 GB SSD plans with increased MySQL sizes!

We have tried to adapt our new plans to the customers needs.

24 Apr. 2020.

SCP, FTPS on all hosting

From today, all hosting is available with SCP and FTPS clients. The SCP service works via port 115 (in the SCP client, you need to configure port 115 instead of the default 22). Important! To access SCP and FTPS, the FTP gateway (if active) must be unlocked as well!

06 Apr. 2020.

New PHP version available on Web Hosting Settings

PHP 7.4 is available on the Web Hosting Settings, which provides up to 300% speedup compared to PHP 5.6 and up to 40% compared to PHP 7. It is important to note that PHP 7.4 is partially incompatible with earlier PHP versions, so when enabled, websites (especially older ones) may not work properly. If you experience problems with your website after switching, you can revert to the previous PHP version.

01 Apr. 2020.

Information on international domain name fees

Due to the significant weakening of the Forint exchange rate, the following fees will apply for the following domains from 01.04.2020:

com, .net, .org, .info, .biz domain registration: 13000 HUF + VAT / 2 years
com, .net, .org, .info, .biz domain transfer with 1 year renewal: 6500 Ft + VAT
com, .net, .org, .info, .biz domain renewal: 6500 Ft + VAT / year

16 Mar. 2020.

We rebuilt our entire system and network

We would like to inform our customers that during March 2020, we have completely rebuilt our network infrastructure. We have deployed an independent redundant internet network, with high-bandwidth optical internet connections from 2 providers with a total bandwidth of 40 Gbit. The redundant internet connection is also backed up by a redundant power backup, so we are confident that our improvements will further enhance the already market-leading reliability and availability of our service.

28 Feb. 2020.

All our servers are now SSD-based

We would like to inform our customers that in February 2020, we have upgraded all our servers to SSD. At the same time, we have completed the conversion of the MySQL databases, which were previously MyISAM based, to InnoDB, further improving the loading speed of the websites on our servers.

09 Sep. 2019.

We have expanded our data backup system

Please be informed that we have expanded our IT backup system. In the new system, all data (including correspondence, database statuses) will be backed up at 8 times a day, 4 of which will be available to you through the Web Hosting Settings. Data security is our priority and geographically separated backup locations ensure that your data can be safely reproduced in the event of any force majeure (earthquake, terrorist attack).